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THE 200 GREATEST ADVENTURES 1804–1983. What follows is a list of 200 of my favorite adventure novels published during the Nineteenth Century (1804–1903, according to my eccentric but persuasive periodization schema) and during the Twentieth Century’s first eight decades (1904–1983).

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IGN’s Editors count down the 100 greatest comic book villains.

The greatest global cinema on demand. Rent the latest releases, subscribe to classics and explore the best from the BFI, national and regional archives.

A description of tropes appearing in Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes. A 2006 animated adaptation of Marvel’s First Family: The Fantastic Four, meant …

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That show’s initial setup was Parks And Rec turned inside out: Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) is the “selfish ass” accidentally admitted to paradise, where she’s surrounded by selfless people who gave their time, their wealth, and in at least once case, their vital organs to those in need.

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