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Discover Black beauty tips,tutorials and reviews on hair care, skin care, hair styling and makeup for the unique needs of Black and African American women!

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26 all natural beauty tips that are so easy you can do them at home with just a few ingredients which you probably already have in your kitchen!

50 Beautiful Things You Can Do With Vaseline In 5 Minutes. Hold on to your hats for this video. It moves fast, and yes, there are fifty different ideas for beauty uses of Vaseline.I have to admit; I enjoyed watching the gal who made the video.

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Natural tips and self-care routines for skin, hair & anti-aging that help people improve appearance.

But aside from their toxin-free qualities, all-natural DIY beauty products—from lip scrubs and body lotions to hair masks—are a great way of using leftover fruits, vegetables, and other healthy-but-maybe-not-that-tasty ingredients and transforming them into nourishing skin- and hair-care

Follow these tips and tricks to look naturally beautiful.

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Herbal bath powder is easy to make at home, economical and harmless as it is natural. The ingredients needed for making this herbal powder are easily available in any nattu maruthu shop or Ayurveda shop.

The Natural Beauty Workshop blog features recipes, tips, and inspiration for experienced, professional beauty and personal care product manufacturers, soap makers, and aspiring artisans.

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Natural Beauty tips for face can keep you looking fresh even in the scorching summer. Try these homemade formulae to flaunt your flawless, beautiful and charming skin.

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