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Initial media reports and Weiner’s denial. On May 27, 2011, Weiner used his public Twitter account to send a link to a photo on yfrog. The picture of his erect penis concealed by boxer briefs was sent to a 21-year-old female college student from Seattle, Washington, who was following his posts on the social media website. Though the link was quickly …

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Differences in Angle of Erection. There seems to be another racial difference regarding the penis, its angle of erection. One Ethnographic record shows that East Asians usually have harder erections than blacks, meaning parallel to the body and stiff while blacks tend to be at right angles to the body and more flexible.

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Penile Fracture(Broken Penis) – What is it? Symptoms, Signs, Pictures, Causes, Treatment, Surgery, Riskfactors, Prevention. It is a fracture of penis of Tunica albuginea..

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What STD gives you blisters? What can cause genital sores? What is a genital lesion? Can you get genital bumps from chlamydia? Blister on Foreskin from Friction! Get more insight on the causes, symptoms, pictures, treatments and some of the home base remedies for sores on penis. Causes of Sore on Penis Patients with diabetes are […]

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